Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Perfect Shot...Just a Blink Away

Alright Alright, epic fail...I called it! Thank goodness I didn't even attempt BEDA (Blog EveryDay in April) cause then I just would've gotten my hopes up...much like the 2010 50 Book Challenge I started on January 1, 2010...which at 7 books, I'm pretty far behind in. I'm hoping my new *Incredible* with handy dandy eReader will help me at least get to 25 by year's end. Granted it'll be a lot of the "Classics" due to the fact that all books are free, public domain, but I've been meaning to read those books anyway ;)

In other amazing news! My wifey and I officially started moving into our new place! We have a 3 month over lap, which aside from putting us in debt means that we can slowly move and paint and paint and move oh yeah and paint. We are doing a full performance of Furniture: The Redux and painting almost everything we are keeping so it'll look shiny and new. Sure it'll have the same shape as our old stuff, but hello?! A gray bedframe is soooooo much different from a wraught iron one...duh! So in the words of Fergie....Check it out:

View from entrance into living room

View of pool (private)

More pictures to come! Sorry about the quality they were taken by my new *Incredible* Oh and sorry about all this *Incredible* nonsense...I just got my first smartphone, the *Incredible* maybe you've heard of it...anyway it's pretty awesome and I'm super excited about it!

In other, other news, I have decided to start another section of my blog called: Crazy Stuff Thought Up in the Shower that Might Happen in the Future (CSTUSMHF...ugh no! That won't work)...so we'll just called it Future Talk. Eh, we'll see how it goes!

Also I think I might come up with some sort of Giveaway...my first "Official" (Apparently there are a few "unofficial" lurkers out there ::Waves:: hi lurkey lurkers...I love you!) Blog Reader Susie (Not Susan) is doing a Disney one now that I'm super excited about. So yeah, stay tuned for that!

Future Talk (if you can come up with a better name for this section, leave it in the comments): In the future, you're going to be able to take a picture with your eye, in otherwords in your eye will be a camera. I'm so tired of seeing the perfect shot and then it turning out like crap on my camera. So one day (and I'm sure the government can already do this) you'll be able to take snapshots and focus with your Eye Cam (I think there was an episode of Dollhouse like this except they were video cameras and it made her blind). Also in your brain will be a version of Photoshop where you can take your digital Eye Pic and manipulate it by just imagining it. Just don't ask me where you print the pictures out ;)

DOFP: Unfortunetly aside from the usual personal phone calls and creeper comments this front has been pretty uneventful..today a guest post from Daily Craigslist Creep will have to do. Yesterday in the "Wanted" section of "For Sale" on C-List some creep wanted to wine and dine (oh and "shower you with gifts") a girl for her 18th birthday...His proposal was to take said 17 year-old out the night before she turned 18 so that when she was legal he could "and more" her... First of all, who would respond to this?!? Second of all...an 17 year-old can't be "wine"-ed...hello!? And third of all, your name is Barry...Creep-ER ALERT!