Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Settle a Sneezing Civilization

"Ahhhh Chuu"

A sneeze.

A common, unconcious reaction to something irritating your nose and or throat and or other parts of your insides I don't know the name of.

I just shot spit on my arm and into the air. Imagine what my germ-aphobe of an OCD cubemate would think of that!

::Praying the spit dust settles before he comes back:: "Setttle spit, settle" I whisper in the direction of my silence-breaking sneeze...well post-sneeze actually.

Speaking of settling...ever play Civilization? (Settling made me think of settler...I dunno...)

I was addicted! Freshman year of college my roommate, Sally (short for Sarah), and I use to stay up all night playing. Not playing each other. Playing our individual games on our individual computers, waving goodbye to our hallmates as they ventured out onto the frozen tundra in short skirts and tubetops covered up by sheer shawls.

"Don't mind us ladies. We're conquiring nations and developing technology. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you beat your all-time kegstand score!"

"Shhhhhh" Don't mention the sneeze. He's coming!! I don't want to hear a peep, least of all anything resembling "Bless you!"


"Blast Sue?"

"Who the hell is Sue?"

"Good question!" ::runs and hides::

"Hide my spit while you're at it!"

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