Tuesday, October 20, 2009

That you spent your change over...

Jump in your Range Rover
Turn up the AC
And then explain to the children
Why little ducklings they don't see
Or why those white bears from up north
Are dealing legalized cocaine
But aren't legally living free-range.
Your tailpipe is our future
And you treat us with disregard
Take your children to see the glaciers
So they can tell your grandkids all about it
They will require some imagination
An quite possibly ventilation
But at least they'll hear about it
And know where the guilt is to be laid.
Hide your children from me
Shunt them to the water
You can't tell it's set to boil
Just slowly getting warmer
You will burn our feet
And choke the air.
I walk into my house
Wipe the soot from my eyes
Clear a spot in the window
Watch you run out your door
Back to your pride and joy
Roving the cement range
While our children beg for organics
And less acid in the rain.
We all learned to share
But I'd prefer if you'd keep your bad air.
I'll stand here starring
At your dog's shit upon the pavement
Love the smell of methane
Frying on the sidewalk
No kids don't eat it
We'll eat shit soon enough
We love sunny days in November
And don't forget those white flakes
Out in the desert.

But for now we'll just agree
On all the same lies.

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