Monday, March 22, 2010

It's like Google has ESPN or something...

Upon starting a new job there are certain personalizations one must do in order to make their new desk their own. For some, it is placing pictures of loved ones where they may be gazed at often, may they be spouses, children or furry companions. For others, it is organizing their desk drawers, paper clips go here and stapler there. For me, it is customizing the computer desktop so that it is both functional and enjoyable. No, I'm not talking about changing my wallpaper to a hot bikini model or a cute picture of me and my wifey, or even changing the icons and location of files. Those are things that will come with time. One of the first things I do during the traditionally boring and slow beginning of a new job is setting my favorites.

Of course there is a link to my bank, my multiple e-mail accounts and the local weather, but my real favorites are my blogs, most specifically, the blog of one HayleyGHoover.

The quest for finding this blog use to be one of some difficulty. A year or two ago (when I first discovered the FiveAwesomeGirls), googling HayleyGHoover would pull up a few links to her personal YouTube channel and possibly a reference to her popular Grammar Fairy skits. But with time her online presence grew. Today, with little effort on my part, I was autocompleted to HayleyGHoover in a mere seven letters. And this, in the boring and slow beginning of my job, is what launched me into a small survey of related autocompletes I have outlined below.

HayleyGHoover: Autocompleted name in seven letters.
Autocompletes: blog, twitter, boyfriend, dailybooth, youtube, nanowrimo

Mike Lombardo: Name must be fully typed.
Autocompletes: hbo, trio, century 21, football, inc, youtube, chicago, lyrics, real estate

italktosnakes: Autocompleted name in six letters.
Autocompletes: blog, twitter, meekakitty, deviantart, dailybooth, youtube, down with meekakitty, nerimon

Kristina Horner: Autocomplete name in nine letters.
Autocompletes: blog, formspring, and alex day, twitter, alex day, dailybooth, livejournal, wiki, all caps (which ironically enough is in all lowercase letters)

Liane Graham: Autocomplete name in seven letters.
Autocompletes: leanne graham, twitter, leanne graham nz

Lauren Fairweather: Autocompletes name in eight letters.
Autocompletes: .com, blog, chords, twitter

Owlssayhooot: Autocompletes name in five letters.
Autocompletes: blog, formspring, tumblr, twitter, flickr, dailybooth

FiveAwesomeGirls: Autocompletes name in six letters.
Autocompletes: wiki, youtube, lauren, liane

The following had no autocompletes: Kayley Hyde, DevilishlyPure, and Lianeandthemusic, as well as me, VTBurninator (but no surprise there!)

So what does this all mean, aside from the fact that I must be really bored and have too much time on my hands? Well it appears HayleyGHoover, Mike Lombardo, Lauren Fairweather and Owlssayhooot have established themselves independently in the autocomplete google niche of the internet world. Liane Graham appears to have the same or similar names as other people alive on the interwebs. Kristina Horner and her alias italktosnakes has establish a network wherein her autocompletes connect her to Meekakitty and Alex Day (alias nerimon). This network was actively created by Kristina through her popular internet dance and jumpcut battle with Mekakitty, as well as her extremely popular youtube song "Mrs. Nerimon" and fairly visible online relationship with Alex Day.

It is interesting to me that Google autocomplete has not connected the girls to one another, but aside from all posting on the same channel, they don't do a lot across their personal channels or blogs to be autocomplete worthy. I was surprised Hayley and Kristina weren't linked due to their occasional battles of rap and subscribers, but I suppose they aren't as popular as the Meekakitty battle. As for now, I will add blogs to my favorites and continue to watch as the fiveawesomegirls' online presence grows.

For those interested-

John Green: Autocompletes in seven letters.
Autocompletes: leaf whittier, quotes, leaf whittier poems, e realtor, looking for alaska, leaf whittier biography, twitter, leaf furniture, paper towns, leaf whittier quotes

John Greenleaf Whittier quote: "Tradition wears a snowy beard, romance is always young."

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