Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Get into the groove....

The meeting last night left me lazy and unmotivated by the time I made it home. Great meeting, lazy me! I only caught the last hour or so of Dancing but it made enough of an impression to inspire a ChaChaWaltz teeth brushing session. Tonight, (after my chores...yes, I have chores...) I will finally be popping in the Wii Active and getting my workout on. I bought this game from Amazon months and months ago when it was a Gold Box deal. For months and months is has sat, collecting dust, on my TV stand. Tonight the dust will be cast aside, the giant rubberband-y thing will be securly fashioned to its hand holds and I will break a sweat. I have found that what people say about 25 is true. I am getting fat and the fat is shifting to places I don't really want it to ("hey body, I think I have enough booty in my pants, thank you!!"). So in a last ditch effort, because lets be honest I'm one lazy, procrastinatin' fool, I shall attempt some semblance of a workout regiment.

In other news, I have a very pissed off taste bud on the tip of my tongue.

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