Friday, March 26, 2010

Sooooo I wasn't sure what to write about today...low and behold the news! I found an interesting article about a new transportation system being developed by GM called EN-V and I just couldn't help myself. Future travel and the modes in which we will travel have always fascinated me. I think this love may be one of the reasons I loved Disney World so much as a child. Walt Disney was obsessed with trains and movement. It inspired the multi-modal transportation utilized in all of the Disney parks. As a child growing up in the suburbs of DC, I loved the days my mom would take us on Metro. The distinct smell, the warm breeze and of course the flashing lights to alert you of the oncoming car, all bring back so many memories. But this new development is a variation on something I've thought about many many times before.

Check it out!

The Future!!

Ok ok so let me start off by telling you, that two people are suppose to fit in this thing! And I thought the Smart Car was cramped!! Anywho, this thing comes with sensors that keep it from crashing into things as well as a traffic responding GPS that will navigate the fastest route, real time. The most awesome of does all this, ON ITS OWN! Yep that's right, you don't drive it as much as it drives you. The city of course has to invest in the whole network and there is someway it connects to the roadway, but how awesome!? The kicker, it only goes about 25 miles an hour and is only to be used in a 25 mile radius, so it's pretty much a sitting segway with autopilot, but still soooo cool. We'll all look like this:

Well I won't look nearly as uptight and dorky as these people, but!! The strange thing is, my girlfriend and I got in this discussion a week or so ago. She said they should develop a massive train network in which people ride in individual cars at high rates of speed. The train car would operate on a similar autopilot and would change tracks as need to get the passenger to their destination. I argued that this would be impossible. For one thing, America abandoned the passenger rail long ago. Trains in America are just not a main form of transportation (excluding light rail and metro rail). Second, the cost of building all of the infrastructure (i.e. track) is unimaginable. However, if they were to go this route, it would create a ton of jobs and give the laid off construction worker industry a very large new project. Third reason why this is unfeasible is that high rates of speed and train track changing just sounds like a collision waiting to happen.

I think GM might be onto something here with the EN-V and the whole 25 miles an hour thing. Sign me up!!

In other news, I was lazy last night and did not Wii Active. Instead I cleaned and packed and watched Grey's Anatomy (Arizona don't you mess this up!).

In other other news, I'm sooooo excited to go to Key West this weekend, but not excited to sleep in the car lol

Daily Office Faux Pas: Old men asking personal questions (i.e. "You spent six-years at Virginia Tech and never snagged yourself a husband?") as well as asking when I was going to get them a cup of coffee. Uh, last time I checked that was none of your freaking business and I'm not your secretary! I need my own office space, or at least to be away from the prying eyes and prying questions of my current work me!

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