Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yak-e-dee Yak Don't Talk Back

Spent the evening enjoying the beautiful Florida weather! Nothing beats laying in the grass, eating chips and salsa, sipping a cold beer and watching the bunnies play (yes I have two bunny rabbits...Rex and Milo). Enjoyed relaxing with the wifey. Hopefully we'll get to do some more in Key West this weekend. That's right, after 8 months of separation, we are finally reuniting with Never Never Land. Should be a fun weekend getaway seeing old friends and catching some rays at the beach :)

In other news, I am still sore from that Wii Active session. Hoping to do it again tonight.

In other other news, after discussing my previous blog topics with people IRL, I decided I will limit my work rants to a new segment entitled "Daily Office Faux Pas." I'm sure it won't be hard to catch one every day, but I am giving myself creative freedom to make one up if I don't actually witness it. It'll be up to you to figure out when they really happened or not. :P

Sorry for the short update...I'm sure something else of substance will pop up in the next few hours.

Daily Office Faux Pas- Discussing the fungus on your toe that may or may not be a wart with not just your doctor (personal phone call), but also your husband (personal phone call) and a colleague (get to work and stop yakking).

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