Tuesday, May 24, 2011

But where am I going to sit?

So we woke up this morning and packed the rest of the trailer, went to Starbucks for some coffee (non fat, no whip, grande iced white chocolate mocha for me, grande skinny carmel machiato for Andy) and packed the rest of Andy's car. Then we loaded up the dogs before realizing there was no room for me!! As I said yesterday, my car is in the shop so we all have to drive together to go get it. Then I will drive to goodwill to donate a bunch of clothes and shoes and then i'll drive back up to meet Andy. It's kind of a backwards way of doing it but I didn't get to pack my car last night seeing as how it is in the shop. So here we are, Andy driving, colby the car sick puppy in the front passenger seat, Henry and me and the goodwill stuff crammed into the backseat. If you see our crazy caravan feel free to honk and wave...it'll be much welcome to the finger we got this morning! So happy to be leaving the mean people of south Florida behind!
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