Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just another Tornado Day...

So it's been two days but I have to tell you everything that has happened...

It all started two days ago, Thursday to be exact. Andy and I decided we wanted to go to the Georgia Aquarium. We woke up a little late and got into a long discussion about age-ism. Mostly the cause and effect of people turning a certain age, whether or not they choose to embody the stereotypes of that age. I think I can generally say that most people have that "ugh, I'm almost thirty," moment, but why does thirty have to be so old. Her example was Jess from the Beaver Bunch (a daily YouTube vlog that discusses lesbian issues). Jess appears to be an early twenty-something, confident in her own skin with a very androgynous/nerds/slightly bike-boho style. It's hard to describe, so Google her already. Anywho, Andy is completely in love with her, with her look and with her confidence in herself. Recently Andy found out that Jess is thirty and it completely threw her for a loop. If this girl could be thirty and pull off a much younger, fresher look, then why can't everyone? Something to ponder, do we live the life we want to live based on the way we feel, or based on some stereotypical age ideal we have created in our head? Feel free to leave your pondering in the comments!

As you can see, lots to update you all on, but since I'm living too, not necessarily tons of time to update. Please forgive my following brain dump, but i'll be back throughout the days to update!

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