Monday, May 23, 2011

Tomorrow the Adventure Begins...if we ever get there...

Here I sit, or rather lay, on a slightly deflated air mattress, on the cusp of the next big adventure. Today, was my last day at work, my last day with affordable health insurance, and hopefully my last day working in the public sector (at least while I'm in my working prime, I hope). Tomorrow I, we -Andy, Henry, Colby and I start not only our cross-country road trip, but also, a new chapter in our lives.

But as Murphy's law goes, whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and as I sit here in Fort Lauderdale, my car sits alone in Coral Springs. Yep, took it in this morning to get the tire pressure checked and my fluids topped off only for the super nice and thorough mechanic to tell me that The Senator (yes, I named my car after Padme Amidala, post-queenhood) wasn't going to make it. So he's fixing her up and hopefully she'll be ready tomorrow late morning so we can make some progress.

Originally, we were suppose to make it to Atlanta tomorrow to stay with Andy's Aunt Jill & Uncle Danny, but now it's looking more like we'll be driving part way tomorrow and the rest on Wednesday. No worries though, we don't have to be in Colorado until May 31st, at this point I'm more concerned about Mother Nature's torture of the Midwest, primarily Missouri. The article I just read on NPR is haunting my thoughts. Well on that positive note, I'm going to go read. Hoping to document this trip, so stay tuned! Peace, love and laughter!
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