Thursday, May 26, 2011

Marietta (sp?)

So we made it to Hotlanta yesterday early afternoon. Andy's Aunt Jill and Uncle Danny graciously welcomed us into their home and then all hell broke loose. You see, Jill has two dogs, Daisy (aka Crazy Daisy) a smaller than Henry lab mix and Aspen (aka where has your ass been?) Great pyrenese. Sorry about the spelling errors, I'm in the car. Any who, once our dogs and their dogs made it to the backyard, Colby was completely rust colored from rolling in the Georgia clay and Henry was clanking teeth with Daisy, making best friends.

So we let the dogs have free range of the backyard, full with sandbox for digging. We spent the day visiting, buy graduation decorations for Julia's boyfriend's room and Andy and I went on a mini shopping spree (30% off at American Eagle!). Yesterday night we went to Suburban Pub for a couple drinks (Coors light and Blue Moon for the future Coloradoans) and wings. It was the tail end of trivia night and we killed the songs from 1999!

Today we've been hanging out with Danny. He introduced us to Robert Shilling, a hilariously raunchy comedian. Now we're on our way to Schlockskies for lunch and then to the Georgia Aquarium. Columbus to visit the Warren's tomorrow :)

Best 1999 throwback jam: Believe by Cher...or If You Had My Love by decide!
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