Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sorry Sorry Sorry...Please Forgive Me

Ok Ok Ok....I know I know I know...BEDA means I have to actually blog EVERY day and I've already missed TWO DAYS!!! I'm soooo sorry....life is crazy and twisty and crazy, oh did I mention crazy?? Especially my life, which I can understand you might not infer from my first BEDA post. Yes I can be uptight and control freaky, but I have this thing in my life, this crazy, unpredictably, spontaneous life force that rips me off my feet and takes me away on insane adventures, yes yes, Andy, she's the one…it’s all her fault, she makes me more interesting and less stick-in-the-mud-esque!

So let me recap all that has happened since my last post...

Friday night, Andy, Henry and I were hanging out. I had a lot of flex time at work because last week I had three night meetings all lasting two hours each. So I flexed my time all week, but then on Friday I still had a lot of time so I ended up being able to leave work early (not as early as I could've left, but Annual Reports demanded to be bound, so I was there, in the copy room, melting the spines to the pages, which really takes forever, especially if you have to do 25 of them!). Anywho, so I made it home around 4:30 or so and we were hanging out, drinking Woodchuck (I love cider), talking to our landlord and watching Henry swim in the pool.

Then, Andy found the cutest puppy on PetFinder, she called the shelter and in less than thirty minutes, we were packed and in the car. Why the packing you may ask, well that’s because the cutest puppy just so happened to be in a shelter outside of Atlanta. And how far away is that? Oh, you know, just around the corner, eleven hours around the corner. So yeah we had a loooooong drive ahead of us. And needless to say, my uptightyness made much of the drive unpleasant. In retrospect I’m not sure why I was being such a biotch, but at the time, I felt like I wasn’t in control. I was upset that the weekend I had envisioned was not coming into being and I was not all together sure I was ready to take on the responsibility of another dog. Despite my less than amicable attitude (more like red-faced, screaming like a lunatic), we drove and drove and drove.

We did not make it to Atlanta on Friday night. This was in large part because we didn’t even leave until 8pm. Around 1:30am, we decided we should stop and find a hotel. We were somewhere in Florida between Orlando and the Georgia border when we first started looking. Apparently there was a HUGE softball tournament and every hotel had a hand written NO VACACNCY sign posted in the window. There would be no rest for the weary and onward we went. We drove into Georgia, continuing to stop and see about checking in, with no luck we continued to drive. There was no room for us and we were getting really tired. Although we weren’t sure if it was legal, we ended up joining about 25 other cars at a rest stop where we reclined our seats and slept for roughly 3 hours in the car.

The next morning we awoke, brushed our teeth in the rest stop bathroom and tried to figure out why anyone would think metal mirrors would be a good idea. I mean, hello, we’re in the humid south. Metal mirrors = rust covered pieces of metal hanging on the wall with little reflection. Back into the car and back on the road, we drove into Hot-lanta. Andy’s Aunt lives in a suburb, so we headed to her house to take showers and eat lunch before heading to the shelter. Ws my mood improved on the second day? Eh, in the morning I was grumpy from lack of sleep and the car seat-induced crick in my neck, but I was trying.

Andy’s Aunt Jill and Uncle Danny are THE BEST! They are so welcoming and friendly and funny and sweet and caring and loving and fun. We couldn’t have stayed with a better family. Jill came with us to the shelter as she has experience rescuing dogs (she’s saved nine dogs this year!). We instantly fell in love with the puppy (they were calling him Quick Silver or Silver). Even Henry started playing with him immediately. Before I knew it, Andy was filling out the paperwork, the lady was handing us his rabies tag and we were jumping back in the car with our family of four! Just look at him, he’s everything we were looking for!


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